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Hoppy the Frog

Meet Hoppy the Frog

Hoppy the Frog lives at 1 Lily Pad Lane with his mother, father and 900 brothers and 657 sisters. His favorite foods are mosquito chip cookies, slug brownies, grasshopper leg pudding and mosquito meringue pie with beetle juice topping. Delicious!

Hoppy and Mr. Basso
Every week Hoppy learns a lesson from Mr. Basso, the Wisest Frog in the Pond. Mr. Basso wasn’t always wise. He spent many years listening and learning from his very favorite teacher: Miss Amphibia. Imagine how wise she was to be able to teach Mr. Basso!

Leapy is Hoppy’s best friend and two of his brothers are Hippity and Hoppity. He is also friends with Billy the Silly Frog, who used to be Billy the Bully Frog. He used to scare the pond dwellers. Several years ago he dared Hoppy to jump off a ledge he knew was too high for him. Hoppy broke his little green leg and learned the lesson that it’s okay to admit there are some things you can’t do. No one can do everything and that’s okay!

When Billy learned that it is much more fun making frogs laugh rather than scaring and daring them, he went from being Billy the Bully Frog to Billy the Silly Frog! Hoppy learned that people can change, too. Just because they have acted or thought a certain way for years doesn’t mean they can’t change for the better.

Todd the Toad tries his best to make life difficult for Hoppy. One thing he does that is very annoying is calling Hoppy “Hop.” But Hoppy is learning to not let Todd bother him so much. After all, why let a toad ruin a perfectly good day?

Hoppy has learned so many lessons throughout the years from Mr. Basso and his good ol’ friend Pastor Luisi.

When different frogs were playing volleyball in Hoppy’s pond he learned the hard lesson that God created the pond not just for him but also as a home for all the creatures. The pond should be a welcoming place, even for those who are different from Hoppy including lizards, salamanders, snakes, flies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, turtles, butterflies and fish. God made them all.

Billy the Silly Frog’s Favorite Jokes

Why did the clown go to the doctor?
'He was feeling a little funny.'

The little boy looked at his math book and noticed it was crying.
He said, “What’s the matter, math book?”
'The math book replied, “I’m full of problems!”'

Why did the teddy bear skip dinner?
'He was already stuffed.'

Why is Cinderella bad at sports?
'Her coach is a pumpkin and she runs away from the ball!'

Hoppy the Frog’s Favorite Christmas Songs

Joy to the Pond
Hark! The Herald Frogs Sing
Beetles Roasting on an Open Fire
Deck the Pond with Boughs of Algae
Go Tell It on the Pond

Hoppy the Frog Song